piątek, 23 stycznia 2009

Pod Warszawską Syrenką

Pierwsze zdjęcie nadesłał wave32: Trochę warszawskiego szyku - czyli: czarne spodenki, sandały, okulary i goła klata :)

A drugie dodałem z moich zasobów żeby pierwszemu nie było smutno..

Summary: At the Warsaw Mermaid, a symbol of the city.
1st photo was send by wave32: Here's some Warsaw chic - black shorts, sandals, sunglasses and naked chest.
I have also added my photo because first was so lonely.

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  1. Topless, czyli też z gołą klatą :-) no i gustowne rybie wdzianko

  2. thanks for the english commentary - it means i can understand so much more.

    dziekuje bardzo

  3. I'm glad the summary helped :-)

  4. @koala ...jeszcze ciepłe :-) tak jakoś z sierpnia, a może lipca ;-)

  5. CCC blog is almost nothing. Mikael keeps saying "normal" and refer to the fashion chic of Copenhagen. Not normal at all. Those are normal. Fat older guy in black spandex. Thats what I'd see where I live, and other ppl in plain clothes far from stylish.
    See, Warsaw is beautiful. Nice river, trees not far away, the bridge that I think is pretty. Copenhagen...well, meteor IS Polish. Mikael is just English in Copenhagen. Oh, and the bikes. They're normal too. Apparently, Miks, never seen too many photos of the US and their bicycles. The Polish and Americans have a lot in common.
    I seen when I logged on my blog I had a Warsaw visitor and a follower. Thanks

  6. Dla Polaków dobry rower to tani rower. Im gorzej wygląda tym lepiej. Jest szansa,że go nie ukradną.

    Tomi,przetłumacz to, bo nie dam rady :)

  7. @William - lavinka asked me, to translate her comment, so here it is:
    For Polish people "good bicycle" means "cheap bicycle". And the worse it looks, the better, because the smaller is chcance that somebody will steal it.

  8. Thanks for the warm word William :-) I'm happy that you like Warsaw from our photos.

    At the beginning we were trying to define what we will show here. And then we were discussing it (all in Polish).

    So, we are going to photograph everything - everyday cycling, people wearing plain clothes, sport clothes, and of course elegant, chic clothes. Just showing how people are cycling in Warsaw.

    I will also look for funny, unusual details (in clothes, bikes), because I like to fool around (riding with pumpkin for Halloween, with plate number of the bus)

  9. }:-< Ah, yes...my bike was stolen. I just slept for a bit, and had a dream I couldn't find my bike, that same bike I lost. Still upsets me. They're ( i believe ) not made similarly. It was steel, not aluminum. But, yes, the best bike is the one that you own, even if rusted and poor looking. I realize that when I find a $1500 dollar bike that I like. Money or no money, money or no money..rather easy choice. I have a road bike now that was given to me. A 12-speed. I've only purchased two bicycles: A Cannondale that was slightly too big for me for 800 and a Giant recreational MTB that was heavy, and stolen grrr.., and built to do less then the Cannondale for 370 dollars. I was happier on the Giant. I like the MTB, it fits my ride style, slightly careless or more aggressive, depending on your point of view.

  10. As I was kid, my father gave me racing bicycle. It was too big for me, and we keeped it in the cellar... an it was stolen before I grow up :-(

    Now I'm cycling MTB - Giant Sierra - I'm usually going offroad, it's also good for all obstacles in the city.

  11. I had a Giant Yukon, one step down from yours.
    You are exactly correct. An MTB is excellent for manuevering around obsticles in the city..no less then a Utility bike. I wish some of the other Americans would hope off that "Dutch bike" trip. If you want an upright ride, just change the handle bars. It is what that bike makers do. They're all the same only different components.